Detox Centre In Delhi

Addiction is a severe issue which must be treated properly and there are various rehab centres for it. There are a variety of different processes which ensure proper treatment in a rehabilitation program. Detoxification of the drugs and alcohol is highly important which is a big step towards recovery. At our Detox Centre In Delhi, we offer top quality services to all those facing the issue of addiction. We use the best in class method of detoxification which is highly effective and takes a short time. Due to the process we offer, there are many people who have come out of the issue after recovery.

Our Detox Centre In Delhi is a residential facility where we all our patients are taken care of completely. The services we offer start with a package of 8,000 rupees to a VIP package of 15,000 rupees. Apart from the accommodation, we offer proper meals which are healthy and are made in hygienic conditions. There are also a variety of other facilities which the patients have access to and they can indulge in different activities. We have hired the best professionals who serve the patients; from the counselors to psychiatrists, doctors as well as the helpers.